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Troop Transport

5' 1-1/2" x 22-1/2" x 3" handshaped by John Cherry for the Wounded Warriors surf camp, a group that takes ...

Simm21 by John Cherry

Some of you have seen this board before at the Sacred Craft surfboard expo. It's John Cherry's take on the ...

4’2″ Twin Fin

Another fine Terry Martin and John Cherry collaboration.Surfy Surfy Online Store!

The JC Simm-21 Project

21st Century Simmons surfboards by John Cherry. Read the build thread here.Surfy Surfy Online Store!

Ice Blue 9’2″

John Cherry collaboration with his buddy Christopher Tomlin. This is Christopher's first shape job and hopefully he will get to ...

Just Another Cherry Surfboard

I was kicking myself for not having the camera the day this board was finished, so I'm stoked these photos ...

One Cherry Quiver

John Cherry's personal quiver freaks me out. I've seen all these boards, but to view them all together is kinda ...

Justin Surfs the Simmons

Remember the 1940's Simmons replica John Cherry and Terry Martin recently built? (see The New Monolith. Perpetually stoked surf rat ...

John Cherry at Sacred Craft 2008

John Cherry's booth at Sacred Craft was chock full of woody goodness.left-Jed Noll, center-John Cherry, right-Greg Noll.See more Sacred Craft ...

The Dude Abides

John Cherry on his way to Lebowski Fest.Surfy Surfy Online Store!

Agave/Balsa Pescado

Another nice one from Mr. John Cherry. Agave and balsa and who knows what else. Nice and light, this beauty ...

Aquaticus Quadicus

Shape and fins by John Cherry on a board I'm calling, The Devonian Quad.www.johncherrywoodcraft.comSurfy Surfy Online Store!