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80’s Caster Tri-Fin

1980’s Caster Surfboard.


Shaper Bill Caster was an early adopter of the Tri-Fin/Thruster.
Bump wing squash tail w/glass-on sides and center box.
Caster loved to tinker and try out new concepts. This tail has an interesting bevel for easy release.
Airbrush detail. 80’s airbrush graphics made for a fun era of surfing.
1980’s surfboards required more logos than the 1970’s.
The laminator showing off skills by splicing two logos together. Also, this piece of rice paper did not saturate all the way and go “invisible” on the darker color. A common issue that sometimes still happens.
1980’s shortboards were not as nimble as modern day boards, but the extra girth led to powerful carving and big spray. Refined 80’s surfboards are worth a revisit for the modern shortboarder.
Casternomics: fine tune your new TRI-FIN with four different removable center fins.




A Few Surfy Shapers

Here is an incomplete list in no particular order of surfboards shapers who have made magic surfboards in the surfy’verse…

Gary Hanel of GH Surfboards

Malcolm Campbell of Campbell Brothers Surfboards

Mike Slingerland from Encinitas, CA.

Brian Fredrickson of Sunset Surfboards

Billy Hamilton

Chris Christenson of Christenson Surfboards

Manuel Caro of Mandala Surfboards

Guy Takayama of GT Surf

Marlin Bacon, surfboard shaper and fin maker.

DJ Kane of DK Surfboards and Harborside Glassing

Shawn Ambrose of Real Surf, Oceanside CA

Terry Martin RIP

Todd McFarland of Sunset Surfboards

Roy Sanchez of Home Grown Surfboards and Tribute Surfboards