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Cyber Monday 12-1-14 Surfy Fins Bro Deal






It’s Cyber Monday 2014!
That means if you buy stuff online today you get a discount…hooray!
The Surfy Surfy Cyber Monday deal is 20% OFF all Surfy Surfy branded specialty fins.
We got cool center fins and FCS compatible fiberglass fins.
Visit the fancy Surfy Surfy online store, enter promo code BRODEAL20
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Surfy Surfy Center Fins



Fins Unlimited in Encinitas, California is now making us center fins!
Currently available in 8″, 9″, 9.5″ & 10″
Our fin is essentially the classic Greenough 4A, but with a fuller tip so you can push on it harder (because we know what radical power surfers you all are).
It’s got some flex, but not overly flexy so it won’t bounce in head high surf.
Great for your single fin or 2+1.


Kickstarter Trailer Video from theFINproject on Vimeo.

Over the weekend at the Boardroom Expo I met the nice people from TheFINproject.
They have a neat film and photo documentary in the works about the evolution of surfboard fins.
To complete it they are doing the Kickstarter thing, (Kickstarter is a new trend where you grovel for money on the internet for you passion project).
Why didn’t I think of this when we opened the shop 3 1/2 years ago? Dang. 
They have 26 days as of this posting to reach their goal. Good luck to them.
TheFINproject Kickstarter page: clicky