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Help Randy Abott, the paralyzed veteran surfer who was attacked by thieves

We spreading awareness of this disturbing story:

Donation site for Randy: click here

About 9 p.m. Monday July 21 2014, Randy Abbott sawthieves removing three surfboards from the roof rack of his vehicle in the 2600 block of Oceanside Boulevard, according to police.

When Abbott confronted the thieves, they attacked him and threw him out of his wheelchair before fleeing with the surfboards in an older-model silver Toyota 4Runner with tinted windows and large BF Goodrich-brand tires, Lt. Valencia Saadat said.

“Two boards were recovered nearby but were badly damaged,” the lieutenant said. “A third is still missing.”

The robbers were described as roughly 5-foot-10-inch white men in their early to mid-20s, one with short but shaggy blond hair, and the other with a long brown ponytail.

The View From 42 from Jamey Warner on Vimeo.

Donation site for Randy: click here

Troop Transport

5′ 1-1/2″ x 22-1/2″ x 3″ handshaped by John Cherry for the Wounded Warriors surf camp, a group that takes war veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq surfing.

Mini-Simms/kneeboard/fish/boogie board and shortboard revolution influences.

Fins handmade by John Cherry.

John has been making crafty surfboards since the 70’s.

Bobby Donnelly is John’s shaping protege. Bobby is an E.O.D. tech in the military. He now has an artificial leg which makes surfing his traditional surfboards difficult.

Bobby’s new bionic limb.

Betty, Bobby and John at the Wounded Warriors Surf Camp in Del Mar, CA. Photo via Taped Off.
Resin tint by Gary Stuber. Glass job donated by Moonlight Glassing. Deck pad donated by King’s Paddle Sports.
More info about building this board on John Cherry’s blog.
NBC news clip about Wounded Warriors Surf Camp.