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R.I.P. Terry Martin

Terry Martin 1937-2012

There will be a memorial service for Terry on Friday, May 18th at 6:30 PM at Capo Beach Calvary in Capistrano Beach, please join us to say goodbye to our beloved Terry. Your prayers for Candy, David, Josh and Johanna are greatly appreciated at this time.

On Sunday, May 20th from 5-9 PM at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point we will celebrate Terry’s life and his legacy at The Terry Martin Project event,” A Body of Work From Wood to Foam”. This event is a LIVE and silent auction fundraiser hosted by the Sport of Kings Foundation that will provide support to the Martin Family.

Terry Martin Project

Work Ethic

I told Hobie, “If you give me the opportunity, I’ll do my best to be your best employee — because I really love this sport. I know my boards aren’t what yours are like, because I don’t know all the secrets, but I’ll try to make them work.” I worked hard—10 hours a day. I com­muted an hour each way from San Diego to Dana Point. Then we moved to Dana Point. I worked there from 1963 until now. I shaped boards on my own here and there, but mainly with Hobie. All the Hobie boards were similar at that time. By then we were into foam and fiber glass. There were seven shapers at Hobie. I wanted to make a board as if he made it. I wanted to be consistent. I was one of his main stays, so I could shape a whole slew of surf boards every day. I could do five, or I could do 10, because I wouldn’t get tired of it.
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