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Jim Phillips Exotica Longboard

JPNR (Jim Phillips Nose Rider)9'6" x 23" x 3"Fabric inlay, pinlines, resin tint, gloss and polish.The bottom features a huge ...

5’10” Fabric Pill

5'10" x 21 1/4" x 2 3/4"Handshaped by Gary Hanel in deepest, darkest Leucadia, California.Fabric inlay by Gary Stuber at ...

Return of the Peace Pellet

6'4" x 22" x 3" The Peace Pellet Bonzer has returned. Shaped by Malcolm Campbell for Surfy surf rat Tim ...

Groovy Batik Longboard

This awesome Gary Hanel longboard has a unique Batik fabric inlay. Fabric and resin work by the Lam Master, aka ...

Hobie DFG

Hobie DFG model with nifty fabric inlay. Shaped by Terry Martin.Surfy Surfy Online Store!

EHO’s Newest

Reverse layup tint with fabric inlay and bamboo glass-on fins. Shape by Erik Hakon Olson. Surfy Surfy Online Store!

Boards for Bloggers by Bloggers

Blogger/artist/backyard shaper "Clayfin" shaped this custom with cool fabric inlay for blogger/surfer/mommy "Surf Sister".Bonus post: Airbrush LessonsSurfy Surfy Online Store!

6’4″ Aqua Bee for Sale

For the bigger surfer who wants to surf something more:Bumblebee Bonzer5.Made in USAFabric deck inlay. Gloss and polished.Glassing 6/4 deck, ...

Power Flower

First groovy board of 2007. Rich Pavel quad under his Choice label. Fabric inlay by Dave Dvorak. Airbrush and pinlines ...

New Standard 2007 Egg

Bonzer5, the real "speed egg". Early 2007 model shown. Enjoy it my egghead friends.Surfy Surfy Online Store!