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Gary Hanel Pills!

Gary Hanel Pills in stock at Surfy Surfy!

5’6” x 21” x 2 9/16”

17” nose x 17 1/2” tail

5’4” x 21” x 2 8/16”

17” nose x 17 1/2” tail

volume/liters proprietary information

Futures quad setup, Bonzer style concaves for control and drive.

Performance shortboard rails.

Shaped in Leucadia, CA

Built at Moonlight Glassing/Christenson Surfboards

Basic Pill

The Gary Hanel Pill has become a staple of the Surfy’verse quiver.
A terror in mushy surf, it will handle good waves as well.
Thin performance rails, curvy hip, deep double concave Bonzer-esque bottom.
100% handshaped in deepest, darkest Leucadia, California.
This is one is 5’2″ x 20 1/2″ x 2 9/16″ with 17″ nose x 17 1/2″ tail.
Don’t ask how many liters it is because I don’t know and I don’t care.
Simple 4oz. clear glass job by Moonlight Glassing.
Quad Fusion FCS boxes, classic FCS center plug
(I switched the center box to the classic plugs because they sculpt nicely into the concaves).
We got 5’2″, 5’4″, 5’6″, 5’8″, 5’10” in stock.  

5’4″ GH Summer Pill

We like to push these GH Pills on people who surf slushy waves but still like to surf tight and precise. Sure, the tail is 17 1/2″ wide, but combined with GH’s performance shortboard rails and deep double concave Bonzer-esque bottom you can control the speed gathered from the wide tail and use that nice outline curve for some beautiful roundhouse cutbacks.
This one is 5’4″ x 20 1/2″ x 2 1/2″
It’s got a fancy carbon tail patch.
FCS Fusion system set up for quad or thruster surfing.
Online: clicky clicky 

GH Pills for Daily Consumption

Fresh out of the factory, this batch of minimalist Pills, all handshaped by Gary Hanel in our hometown of deepest, darkest Leucadia, California.
Simple and clean, but not without upgrades. We want our clear stock boards to be built a little better than your average low grade, 4 oz sanded-only rack board.
Our Pills are made with 1st quality materials:  4 oz s-cloth/4 oz volan decks, 4 oz s-cloth bottoms, 5 box option FCS Fusion fin systems and wetsanded gloss finish so they are sealed up nice and tight.
5’0″, 5’2″, 5’4″, 5’8″, 5’10”, 6’0″
These boards will be available for purchase online soon.
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