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Surfy Longboard Model Summer 2022

New Surfy Surfy longboard model for summer 2022.
Collab with Surfy Surfy CEO & Janitor, J.P. St. Pierre and surfer/shaper, Todd McFarland.
9’0″ x 22 7/8″ x 2 7/8″ (68L)
Shown here with an 8.75″ Rainbow Fin Co. “Fringe” center fin.
Featuring “Finny” the mascot.
Softer version of the classic square tail.


Tucked edge in the tail for more control and less “washy” bottom turns.


Coke bottle green resin tint with 1/2″ dark wood stringer for a clean and classy look.


Instead of the drill loop we went with a standard leash cup for less fuss when you decide to wear a leash.
New Surfy Surfy logo is a tribute an original 1970’s Sunset Surfboards logo. Groovy.
We call this one the Model T for Todd.
Classic California longboard inspiration with some sneaky extras: tucked tail edge, vee running from the front fin box, smoothly transitioning to noseriding concave.
The Surfy Surfy Todd Model is available exclusively at the Board Source in Carlsbad, CA in 9’0″, 9’4″, 9’6″.

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Green Apprentice

7’6” Surfy Surfy Apprentice model.
The Apprentice is a refined “midlength/egg/funboard” type surfboard.
2+1 setup.
Suggested 3.25” sidebites w/6.5”-7” center fin.
The dims.
Shaped by local shaper, Todd McFarland who has years of experience doing production work for respectable labels.
The Surfy Staff of Ra logo by artist Travis Selvilla.
The Surfy Apprentice model will help you on your journey to becoming a surfy master.
Available exclusively at The Board Source in Carlsbad, CA.

Surfy Surfy Model: The (Jedi) Master mid-length

Surfy Surfy (Jedi) Master model shaped by Todd McFarland.

Advanced mid-length.

The Jedi is a great wave catcher, nice volume.

Wing hip with mini-swallowtail loosens things up.

Double concave under your back foot, not too extreme, just enough.

2+1 setup (sidebites with center box).

Great for decent to advanced surfers who want a mid-length but still want to turn in the lip.

7′ x 21 x 2 7/8 (46.7L)

Base price $775.00 (clear, no color). Fins not included.

Available exclusively at The Board Source in Carlsbad, CA.

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