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30 year old Wayne Lynch Rip Curl Moonlight Surfboard shaped by Dan Van Zanten












I couldn’t resist and bought this old thruster off Craigslist for $40 bucks.
Built in the early days of Moonlight Glassing.
Airbrush by Peter St Pierre.
Freestyle center box which was pretty standard back then.
Side fins were made by Greg Mungall.
Moonlight made a lot of surfboards for Rip Curl with Wayne Lynch designs which were shaped by Bill Shrosbree, Gary Hanel and Dan Van Zanten of Penguin Surfboards.
5’8″ x wide x chunky

New Wayne Lynch Surf Film: Uncharted Waters (and ’68 Evolution Replicas

Uncharted Waters – The Personal History of Wayne Lynch from Patagonia on Vimeo.
There is a new surf movie about Wayne Lynch on tour called Uncharted Waters. It’s playing at our local historic La Paloma theatre here in Encinitas on Friday. At the shop we have 2 ’68 Evolution replicas for sale that Wayne shaped in the late 1990’s. The transitional boards he rode in the Witzig films Evolution and Sea of Joy changed surfing forever although Wayne himself was extremely frustrated with the boards at the time.

Vintage 8’3″ Wayne Lynch Involvment Surfboard

At Surfy Surfy on loan right now we have Patrick Leahy’s original Wayne Lynch Involvment surfboard circa ’67. 

Wayne Lynch carving it up during the Shortboard Revolution 

Early Wayne Lynch Involvment ad. 

The bottom is battle scarred. The board has been restored with a fresh hot coat and gloss, whomever did it wisely left the patina. 

Resin pinline. This nose template is still widely used today. 

Not sure if the resin leash loop is original or added later. 

These rock scars would explain why leashes became instantly popular. 

Fin systems have always been part of surfboard evolution. 

Great logo. Anyone know the original artist? 

This board was on display at the premiere of Jack McCoy’s new ambitious surf film A Deeper Shade of Blue at the Hawaiian Hilton Village in Waikiki on Feb 6th. 

*special thanks to Patrick Leahy of West Wetsuits for sending me to Hawaii for the premiere screening. It was an honor and an incredible trip.
Check out A Deeper Shade of Blue for screenings in your area.

*update: here is the fin which is still in Australia


6’5″ Wayne Lynch under the Rip Curl Surfboards label shaped by Bill Shrosbree at Moonlight Glassing in the early days of the Moonlight factory circa ’79/80. Wayne used to fly over from Australia and stay in Leucadia and surf and shape. Some of his templates are still floating around in the Moonlight archives.
It’s in great shape except for that weird discoloration line across the bottom. It even has the original fin.
This board is on loan from Steve Hadley from the Cabinessence blog.
On display at Surfy Surfy Surf Shop.
6’5″ x 20 1/2″ x 2 3/4″