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Malcolm Campbell’s Bonzer Pollination Tour 2014

Malcolm Campbell is packing up his planer for the 2014 “Be Mindful” Tour featuring shaping stints in Australia, France, England, and Portugal.

Spring and Summer 2014 schedule:
*Australia, March 13th to April 8th
Contact Juan Twycross at
*France, May 1st to May 18th at UWL Workshop.
Contact Benoit at for ordering and information.
*England, May 19th to June 3rd.
Contact Guy Penwarden at for details.
*Portugal, June 18th to around July 1st at MSD Surfboards.
Contact Manila at

Things begin in Australia, March 13th to April 8th, where Malcolm will continue his collaboration with Rhino Laminating in Manly Vale. The guys at Rhino do top notch work, and have whole hardheartedly embraced the Bonzer project.

To begin the Australian visit, Malcolm and Rhino owner Juan Twycross, and possibly shaper Mike Psillakis, will be stopping in at Cooly Surf on March 15th, Torquay Surf on March 20th, and Mordy Surf on March 21st. Malcolm will be bringing along a short Bonzer Film put together Duncan Campbell. Check with the shops for details.

What this means for Surfy Surfy Bonzer customers:
With the world tour, Malcolm’s California shaping window will be tight this year. We will continue to take custom orders with deposits, but please be mindful that the timeline for getting your finished Bonzer surfboard will require patience. Malcolm is a one man shaping show and the demand for Bonzer surfboards is at an all time high. Also, stock Bonzers off the rack will be scarce.
We recommend that you get on the list and in the queue early.

Custom Bonzer inquiries email us at

Remember, we now pack and ship surfboards directly from our retail location here in Leucadia, California.

Getting boards from California to the East Coast and Japan is easy, shipping to Europe and Australia from California is very costly, so make sure you take advantage of Malcolm’s tour dates!

Support the Campbell Brothers by wearing their t-shirts:
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Vintage 8’3″ Wayne Lynch Involvment Surfboard

At Surfy Surfy on loan right now we have Patrick Leahy’s original Wayne Lynch Involvment surfboard circa ’67. 

Wayne Lynch carving it up during the Shortboard Revolution 

Early Wayne Lynch Involvment ad. 

The bottom is battle scarred. The board has been restored with a fresh hot coat and gloss, whomever did it wisely left the patina. 

Resin pinline. This nose template is still widely used today. 

Not sure if the resin leash loop is original or added later. 

These rock scars would explain why leashes became instantly popular. 

Fin systems have always been part of surfboard evolution. 

Great logo. Anyone know the original artist? 

This board was on display at the premiere of Jack McCoy’s new ambitious surf film A Deeper Shade of Blue at the Hawaiian Hilton Village in Waikiki on Feb 6th. 

*special thanks to Patrick Leahy of West Wetsuits for sending me to Hawaii for the premiere screening. It was an honor and an incredible trip.
Check out A Deeper Shade of Blue for screenings in your area.

*update: here is the fin which is still in Australia