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Original Surfy Life

From the family photo album:

Stand up surfing in the soup on my Morey Boogie Board with plastic keel fins and wrist leash.
Peter St Pierre with the first Thruster in California circa 1979/80 Shaped by Wayne Lynch.
My sister Michelle checks out my Dad’s single fin Sunset Surfboards quiver while my Mom Sally and the family dog ‘Waggit’ look on in old Leucadia, California. My parents still live in this house!

1989 Styro-Epoxy-Poly Longboard

In 1989, shortly after the Exxon Valdez oil spill, my Dad Peter St Pierre hotwired a big chunk of styrofoam into a surfboard blank and had Mike Slingerland shape it into this longboard. Gary Stuber glassed it with epoxy resin. My Dad rode it a few times and felt the board was too light, especially in offshore winds, so it was resanded and then glassed a second time with polyester resin. He added this groovy artwork, surfed it for the rest of the summer and then the board was retired to the garage where me and JM dug it out last weekend. My Dad somehow got all that crusty wax off the next day.
*note the Rip Curl Surfboards label as they were a big client for Moonlight Glassing in the 80’s.