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Roger Hinds Shelby Model

Good stuff from two super awesome Surfy people:
 Epic surfboard builder Roger Hinds moved into his new factory last week and is all systems go for his specialty 100% start to finish surfboards.
Shelby is our new Surfy Surfy Art Director, look for new and groovy things from here via Surfy Surfy over the next few weeks.
You can order the Shelby/Surfy/Hinds model custom.
Turnaround in less than 30 days.
Inquire at

Custom Surfboard Shaper: Mike Slingerland

Mike Slingerland has been shaping surfboards since forever.
He shapes a lot of the beautiful surfboards you see at Surfy Surfy.
He is also our go to guru for special projects.
If you can’t find what you need off in the rack in the world visit Surfy Surfy and we will write up a custom order card and have Slingerland shape it.
It’s a win win win!

5 photos for Friday

Why 5 photos? Because that is how many I can email to Blogger from my iPhone.

We have a mint condition 7’8″ Wegener Egg for sale
Peter Pinline tapes off another Bonzer.
This is going to be Surfy stock! Waiting for fins and bottom hot coat. 
Secret surfboard attic. 
Peter Hanel (son #3 of shaper Gary Hanel and father of the famous Avery Hanel) shaped himself a surfboard!