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Sometimes they come back: 1990’s CI MTF

5’11” Channel Islands Surfboards Merrick Twin Finner model. My personal custom board from the second half of the 1990’s. I sold it cheap to Sunset Surfboards in Encinitas when Brian Fredrickson owned it. Then shop manager Scott Overland snatched it up. Last week I was surprised to see it walk in through the front door of Surfy Surfy Surf Shop under Scott’s arm.

This board was rad because it featured super cool hot coat pinlines by my Dad Peter St Pierre, who even signed it which he never ever did.
The large Moonlight Glassing oval is super rare, especially on a Channel Islands who later became pretty strict about keeping the glass shop logos minimal and on the bottom of the board only.
The CI hex logo dates this board after 1995 because it is the first redesign hex by Factory 101.

I think I sold this board because I thought it was too narrow. It’s under 19″ and my first magic MTF was over 19″ and had a stubbier nose. At the time these MTF’s looked like radical space ships, but now just look like the normal weird boards we ride everyday ha ha.

A lot of Channel Islands surfboards in the 1990’s had cool carbon fiber inside foil layups. Scott even managed to hang onto the original mini trailer “shark fin”.
One thing interesting about this board that you can’t really see in the photos is that the whole board is glossed and polished except for a pyramid around the fin cluster that I had taped off and wetsanded. I liked to do that to my personal boards because I thought it looked crafty and had some ideas about waterflow at the time. It is also easier to wetsand around glass-on fins and deep vee than to polish.

Scott Overland kept this board in his quiver for well over a decade.
I often felt a twinge of jealousy seeing him riding it and he rode it well.
Scott is now employed by the surf accessories company Da Kine, therefore the big sticker on the bottom.
Scott wanted a new board for his young daughter who is stoked on surfing, so I bought it back and he used it the money on a nice DK Fish off the rack.
I’m stoked to have it back in the quiver!
— JP St Pierre
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Alpha/Omega Quick Review

Alpha Omega Bonzer Twin Fin shaped by Malcolm Campbell.
5’8″ x 20 1/4″ x 2 1/2″
Rider: J.P. St Pierre, CEO & Janitor of Surfy Surfy, Inc.
Height 5’7″ Weight 153 lbs Age 40.
The Campbell Brothers secretly made the best twin fin surfboard ever in the late 70’s.
For the most part it’s a familiar MR style twin, but loaded with the incredible Light Vehicle bottom Bonzer concaves.
My first session was in 2-3 ft offshore beachbreak. I super kooked my first three waves(ha!).
The A/O is really FAST and LOOSE. So much so it took me by surprise.
I have been riding twin fins for years but have never felt the “slickyness” and speed of this A/O. My feet settled in by the fourth wave and after that I was able to string some good ones together.
Most twin fins only want to surf in the pocket but the A/O will project you down the line Bonzer-esque.
Conclusion: Thanks to Malcolm and Duncan for releasing the A/O. I say it’s for experienced twin riders who want to take the next step.

Marine ply fins by Jack Jensen aka The Fin Man.

Original Alpha/Omega Bonzer twin caught in action. Photos courtesy of

The magic 6’8″ elevated wing Bonzer5 egg

This 6’8″ Bonzer5 Egg is pretty much magic.
Instead of a round nose this board has a more pulled in nose which is helpful in beachbreaks and steep sections.
The elevated wing or e-wing makes the board turn 3″ to 6″ shorter than it really is. This board turns like a 6’4″, which is also helpful. The e-wing leaves that nice hip where your backfoot goes and pulls in the tail.
The 5 fin Bonzer with e-wing is a lot of work to shape, glass and sand. The design is something that everyone at the factory believes in so that helps with production.
The sideview of the board shows a blend of good paddling and performance foil.
The elevated wing was created by shaper Max McDonald, an ally in Bonzer Nation.
A crisply foiled performance rail.
The egg is the one genre of surfboard that many shapers and surfers do not take seriously. I see a lot of funky eggs with fat blobby rails and lame outlines and sad rocker. The Campbell Brothers Bonzer eggs are real surfboards meant to be surfed like you mean it. You can take off deep, get barreled, carve a roundhouse cutback and link sections all the way down the line. The are not some goofy gimmick.
Remember, with great egg comes great responsibility. Do not abuse the wave catching powers of the egg. Thank you.
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