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Turbo Speedialer Quad Fins

I bought myself a new set of those fancy curved Lokbox Turbo quads because my bro-in-law Trusty Dusty borrowed my original set 2 years ago and never returned them (because they are magic).
The board pictured is my 5’7″ Choice vanishing stringer “Flexdialer” that I commissioned Rich Pavel to shape out of my last Clark Foam blank (that I bought from Ian Zamora in the parking lot of the 2006 Fish Fry).

Jeff is dialed in

Jeff Nelson with his new DK Dialer.
Replica of Rich Pavel Speed Dialer shaped by D.J. Kane (aka DK).
Daggerbrush pinlines by Peter St. Pierre
Powered by the curved Lokbox Turbo fins.
The battle scared original and the new Cylon clone.
Jeff likes remote righthanders,
…but he will go left if he must.

The blue Speed Dialer pictured was originally mine. Rich Pavel shaped it for me years ago during the beginnings of the new millennium Fish Movement.
I passed it along to my longtime surf bro Jeff Nelson who had never before ridden a Fish or a quad.
Jeff surfed the Pavel up and down the coast via his 35′ Trimaran, scoring all kinds of surf and putting the board and Turbo fins into all kinds of situations.
Jeff became a true believer in the design and wanting a backup board recently enlisted young Speed Dialer aficionado D.J Kane to shape him a replica.
Look for Jeff and his new board at some weird out of the way spot surrounded by sea life and grinning a big goofy grin.