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Surfy Surfy 2020

February 2020 marks one year since we moved Surfy Surfy out of our brick & mortar location in Leucadia, and moved Bing Surfboards in.
You can still purchase Surfy Surfy hats & tees at Bing.
Also, working on a something with the Board Source in Carlsbad (a cool minimalist shop that buys, sells, trades used surfboards).
This blog doesn’t get much love but I post daily content on Instagram:


Malcolm & Me

We drove the new shop van up to Oxnard today to pick up shaped blanks from Malcolm Campbell (right) and wish him well on his International shaping tour.

Surfy Surfy customers, we will continue to take orders and get them in the queue for Malcolm’s return. Existing Bonzer customers need not fret, we will get your board done and into your stoked little hands!

There are currently 500-ish posts with label BONZER on the Surfy Surfy blog.
Campbell Brothers Bonzer Surfboards are the cornerstone of my surfing existence.

Getting boards from California to the East Coast and Japan is easy, shipping to Europe and Australia from California is very costly, so make sure you take advantage of Malcolm’s tour dates!

Support the Campbell Brothers by wearing their t-shirts:
I Believe tee: clicky
TV Heads tee: clicky
Be Mindful tee: clicky
View all Campbell Brothers items on our fancy online store: clicky clicky

5 Fin Stubbie Happy Fun Time

The lovely Ms. Surfy Surfy 2009, Maggie Marsek shot this sequence of me last month surfing my new Mandala 5 fin stubbie. My legs gave out at the end of the sequence (that is the way the cookie crumbles) but overall I’m pretty stoked on this board.
Back story: Manolo Caro loaned me one of his personal 2+1 stubs and I liked it a lot, but the little sidebite fins had a habit of breaking loose and sliding out on cutbacks. I recalled the wise words of Duncan Campbell’s who once told me that the 5 fin Bonzer system can improve any surfboard, so I had Mani shape me a replica of the 2+1 but utilizing Bonzer siderunners instead.
This board does not have a Bonzer bottom, it’s not a Bonzer per se, but the siderunners did cure the cutback issue I was having with the 2+1. I had Marlin Bacon of 101 Fin Co make me a full set of bamboo glass-ons. Mani wanted me to get a center box so I could try different fins, but I felt committed on this board. The center fin is not a Bonzer fin either, it’s a copy of the one in Mani’s 2+1. It’s a fairly large fin for a guy who is 5’7″ and 150 lbs, but the wave I surf this board at regularly is a semi-closeout, so the idea is to drive hard off that big center fin and use the bamboo flex/twang to race to the end section. I love it when a plan comes to together.
Mandala Stubbie 5-fin
5’11” length 20.25″ width 2-3/8″ thickness
Golden mustard airbrush by Peter St.Pierre
Glass-on bamboo fins.
4 oz s-cloth glassing. Wetsanded gloss finish.

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