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Working Quiver-Winter 2010

Here is what I’ve been riding this season:
Back row-left to right:

9’0″ Chris Christenson 3 fin glider for small crispy offshore days.
6’8″ Malcolm Campbell 5 fin Bonzer ewing egg for midnight full moon sessions.
6’6″ Guy Takayama GWAT for small high tide mornings.
Middle row-left to right:
6’6″ Malcolm Campbell 5 fin Bonzer semi-gun pintail for when it’s on.
5’11” Russ Hoyte Twinphinzer for fun beachbreaks and little secret reef.
5’7″ Rich Pavel Flexdialer turbo fin quad for all around town.
5’9″ 5 fin Thumb for when I need to get my surfy on.
5’11” Malcolm Campbell Mini-Merk Bonzer 5 fin. My no worries go to board that I love and will never, ever sell. Ever.
Also shown:
The same 6 ft Destination Surf leash I’ve been using since 2000.
Brownfish handplane and off the rack boogie board fins for bodysurfing because bodysurfing is where it’s at.
My awesome Japanese wetsuit I got from Manny Caro.

The 5 fin Bonzer Mini-Merk

In early spring of this year I contacted Malcolm Campbell about shaping me a new Bonzer shortboard that was based on the short, thick and wide shortboards of the 1980’s, but with modern refinements to the rocker and foil. The result was the Mini-Merk and I am stoked.
The Mini-Merk Bonzer5 is glassed with double layer 4 oz S-cloth deck, and single 4 oz S-cloth bottom, with a wetsanded gloss coat. The glass-job is seriously solid. I haven’t been riding any of my other boards all summer, and the Mini-Merk still looks new 5 months later with barely any deck dents and zero dings.
The Mini-Merk is wide and thick for the fat mushy waves I’ve been surfing all summer. The lightweight and flexy bamboo Bonzer fins give this board a performance boost for vertical surfing I can’t get out of my twin and quad Fishes.
The Mini-Merk after it was freshly airbrushed and up front waiting to get glassed. Thanks to my airbrusher Dad for taking the time to tape off all those lines.
The Mini-Merk at Fish Fry 5.
The Mini-Merk dims are: 5’11” length x 20″ width x 2 9/16″
The airbrush was inspired by JM’s jammies.
Ignore my funky looking waxjob, it melted in the car. The little traction pad is by D-Surf.

Some of you may remember seeing the unwaxed and unridden Mini-Merk at the Sacred Craft show in Ventura back in May. The Mini-Merk will be on display in the Surfy Surfy/Moonlight Glassing/Campbell Brothers Bonzer Surfboards booth at Sacred Craft October 10 and 11 if you want to check it out in person.

*Note-Malcolm can shape custom modified versions of the Mini-Merk if you aren’t in love with those wide nose and tail dims.

Turbo Speedialer Quad Fins

I bought myself a new set of those fancy curved Lokbox Turbo quads because my bro-in-law Trusty Dusty borrowed my original set 2 years ago and never returned them (because they are magic).
The board pictured is my 5’7″ Choice vanishing stringer “Flexdialer” that I commissioned Rich Pavel to shape out of my last Clark Foam blank (that I bought from Ian Zamora in the parking lot of the 2006 Fish Fry).

Moon Glider

My new 9’0″ Chris Christenson 3 fin glider.

Chris shaped this board out of a beat up, ratty and yellowed blank he had hanging around the shop. He took a pass with his planer and to our surprise the foam was as clean as snow.

I know what you are thinking, that looks like it is going to go straight. And it does! Really fast too. But it actually turns good (there isn’t much margin for error).

Gary Stuber did a fantastic glass job on it with 6 oz and 8 oz volan cloth. Kenny Mann sanded it, Mark Donnellon glossed it and I wetsanded it down to 500 grit. This thing is clean!

Marlin Bacon of 101 Fin Co made and glassed on the bamboo fins. The center box fin is the first bamboo prototype fin Marlin made last year.

I’m having fun on it during these 2 ft hot and glassy January days. Point and shoot!

This board is buttery smooth. It has a great weight under the arm and surfs light and lively. It’s actually a joy to paddle in smooth glassy water. I’m stoked I finally got a glider style surfboard and now I’m looking at 1 foot surf in a whole new light.

We are calling this board the 3 Fin Surfy Glider. If you are interested in getting one too email me for more info.

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