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Resurrection Sunday

Over the summer I bought this used beat up 1990’s 6’3″ Choice Bonzer and had it rebuilt by Jimmy Robertson, who did about $100 bucks worth of repairs on it.
When Jimmy was dropping it off at the shop the other day, the board’s original owner Wes randomly walked in and was super stoked to see it again.
Wes custom ordered this board from Rich Pavel and rode it for years. Wes told me this board originally had a glass-on fin that he ended up grinding off and having the center box installed.
I may sell it back to him after I poach a few outside bombs at my local mysto reef this winter.

Choice Kneeboard

Here is a pretty cool artifact from the early 90’s, this snazzy kneeboard shaped by Rich Pavel under his Choice label and glassed at Moonlight Glassing. One of the first summers I worked at Moonlight full time handsanding for Kenny I remember sanding a lot of these Choice fishes and kneeboards with glass-on fins. They seemed like little UFO’s at the time. It’s kinda funny now how just about everyone has a modified kneeboard in their quiver. These boards were once the most obscure craft in the surfing universe and now the Fish is everywhere.