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Solar Bro: Jeremy Sherwin

Encinitas surfer and friend of Surfy Surfy, Jeremy Sherwin pictured above in 1991 with his first custom board, a team shape from Greg Sauritch and glassed at Moonlight Glassing. Jeremy saved up and paid for that board with small bills and coins.
Jeremy went on to become a professional surfer which requires doing airs like the one pictured above. After a nice career of traveling around the world surfing perfect waves he then became a surf coach and taught other groms how to do sick airs.
Now that it is year 2010 AD Jeremy has become Solar Bro. He has taken a job with Baker Electric, designing and selling residential solar systems. He writes, “A bit of perspective: In two DAYS our system produces enough electricity to power an average San Diego home for one MONTH.”

Way to be Sherwin, way to be!


This is Matt. I have known Matt for like, 15 years. He specializes in internet security and kidnapping crustaceans off the reef. Matt is part of the team that is helping me create the new Surfy Surfy Surf Shop.
This is the first board Matt has ever shaped. Gary Hanel gave him some pointers and Matt really went for it. It’s probably one of the better #1 shapes I’ve seen. As you can see Matt went the flashy airbrush route.

It’s funny how the majority of people opt to shape a traditional Fish for their first board, especially considering that the swallowtail presents a real challenge for the novice. But Fishes are so fun to ride that maybe a few lumps and bumps don’t matter.
Matt doesn’t just love Fish surfboards, he also loves to dive under water and poke fish with a sharp stick and then take them home and turn them into tacos.
It’s nice of Matt to share a few cold beers with his lobster friends.
Tangerine man approves of Matt’s first shape.

Craftsman Alert: Factory 101

Jon Pankopf of Factory 101 prints logo laminates for the majority of the surfboard labels in California.

He runs a small operation out of Encinitas, CA (ranked the 3rd best surf town in America by Surfer Magazine).

Jon is an excellent artist and always has interesting projects going on.

Jon’s latest challenge is this new Chris Christenson 9 color skull laminate.

The vast majority of surfboard lams are 3 colors at the max.

Factory 101 prints stickers too. And where would the surf industry be without stickers? Nowhere, that’s where.

The 9 color skull glassed out A-OK.

Got a surfboard company? Give Jon a call.