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Original Surfy Life

From the family photo album:

Stand up surfing in the soup on my Morey Boogie Board with plastic keel fins and wrist leash.
Peter St Pierre with the first Thruster in California circa 1979/80 Shaped by Wayne Lynch.
My sister Michelle checks out my Dad’s single fin Sunset Surfboards quiver while my Mom Sally and the family dog ‘Waggit’ look on in old Leucadia, California. My parents still live in this house!

Once a Rub Out Guy always a Rub Out Guy

From Peter St Pierre’s Taped Off Blog,

Once a Rubout Guy always a Rubout Guy. John Smith finishing his Slingerland noserider in preperation for an extended stay at a certain Baja pointbreak. I’ve known John for over forty years he started Ocean Pacific surfboards in the sixties went on to start Destination Surf and now owns Baja Winters taking snowbirds on RV tours of the Baja Peninsula. John and I have more in common than being old fart surfers who still froth over a new board. One of his daughters is married to my son [JP St Pierre of Surfy Surfy] and we share grandpa duty with a couple of wild Groms. Once a Rubout Guy always a Rubout Guy.

Bottom photo by Rebecca Smith.
*Rub Out Guy is surfboard industry slang for the polisher. The Rub Out Guy makes your surfboards shiny in the Rub Out Room.

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Hooray for Surf Moms!

Mother of two Katherine Smith does a little cross steppin’. If you see a surf mom in the water give her a wave. If you see a surf mom on land give her a hug. Hooray for surf moms!
And hooray from Moon Mom (aka Sally St Pierre):

Sally St Pierre, J.P. St Pierre and Peter St Pierre

My Mom Sally St Pierre at a Huntington Beach surf contest in 1968. Photo by Leroy Grannis.