Hooray for Surf Moms!

Mother of two Katherine Smith does a little cross steppin’. If you see a surf mom in the water give her a wave. If you see a surf mom on land give her a hug. Hooray for surf moms!
And hooray from Moon Mom (aka Sally St Pierre):

Sally St Pierre, J.P. St Pierre and Peter St Pierre

My Mom Sally St Pierre at a Huntington Beach surf contest in 1968. Photo by Leroy Grannis.

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  • Anonymous
    May 9, 2010

    3rd point must have been good that day. Cool pics

  • tenthings.
    May 10, 2010

    We love Sally! xo

  • surfmama101
    April 8, 2011

    The picture of Sally by Leroy Grannis is just insane!!!! How cool is that!