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6’0″ Bonzer5 Octafish

6’0″ x 21″ x 2 9/16″
Shaped by Malcolm Campbell for Surfy Surfy stock.
One of the few stock Campbell Brothers Bonzer surfboards on Earth right now.
Octafish model.
FCS Fusion fin system w/center box.
Volan deck patch for the knobby kneed patrons of Surfy Surfy.
Another radical airbrush by Peter St Pierre of Moonlight Glasssing.
Available in store or online: clicky clicky

Fish, or Octafish?

New in stock: 5’10” Campbell Bros Bonzer5 Octafish
5’10” x 20 3/4″ x 2 1/2″
The Octafish is notta Fish. Powered by the 5 fin Bonzer system the Octafish likes to get vertical and shreddy and isn’t afraid of hollow sections.
Plant your back foot in line with the elevated wing, putting you right above the fin cluster and concaves and off you go.
You can do some spray watchin’ like our filmmaker friend Mark Jeremias.
This board is available via our online store: clicky clicky 

The sacred angle is built into the fin. 

The Campbell Brothers 5 fin Bonzer Octafish

6’2 X 21″ X 2 3/4″
Shaped by Malcolm Campbell for Surfy Surfy
Airbrush bottom by Peter St Pierre
Black resin tint (yes, black) deck and rails by Gary Stuber.
FCS Fusion Bonzer system. Side runners and center Bonzer fins are lightweight Hexcores by True Ames.
Gloss and polish.
Malcolm and Duncan sez,
The Octafish is “Not a Fish”. It looks a little like a fish but has a much wider range of performance. We have incorporated Max McDonald’s ‘elevated wing’ in this model. The wing enables the Octafish to get up and down the face of the wave more quickly and easily than a traditional fish. Powered by the Bonzer 5 fin system, this board works equally well frontside or backside and has a great all-around small to medium wave performance.
Available via the Surfy Surfy online store