Peter St Pierre featured on Korduroy TV

Peter St Pierre, founder of Moonlight Glassing and the heart and soul of Surfy Surfy, has been featured on the Leatherman Tools collab with Korduroy TV ongoing series called Local Legendz.

Direct link: clicky 

Producer: Cyrus Sutton
Camera/Edit: Chris Olivas
Music: “Cold Piano” by Gabby

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  • Tim Orr - Pure Life Surfboards Hawaii
    December 4, 2013

    Awesome! Well-deserved recognition for Peter StPierre, pinline & airbrushing extraordinaire! Mahalo for doing “what you do” for all these years, through Sunset Surfboards and Moonlight Glassing. I’ve had many beautiful Sunset boards over the years, still have a few classic singlefins with solid glassjobs that have stood the test of time. Artistic precision Soulcrafts from Master Craftsmen…100% hand-crafted with love & skill. Keeping it oldschool and real. Perfect match for the Campbell Brothers Bonzer Vehicles manufacturing & positive flow.. Takes time to do it right.
    Keep the Stoke! Malama pono.
    Much aloha from Big Island Hawaii,
    Tim Orr

  • christian
    December 5, 2013

    Hands down, best made boards- can’t get over my Campbell bros egg with outer space airbrush by Mr Peter St Pierre. I surf it in everything, and so many ding repairs later it still looks good. Quality glassing jobs are the difference. Off the rack, sand finished, white boards- 1 year max. My egg is going strong four years later.



  • jaimie rae Allen
    December 6, 2013

    One of the nicest families and an incredible factory! The bonzers i see that come out of there are by far the prettiest ones i ever get to see! Thanks for all your hard work and pure soul, much love and respect- jra