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Epic Roger Hinds Super Nice Multi-Stringer Volan 9’6″ Pathfinder Deluxe








9’6″ length x 23″ width x 3″ thickness
15 1/2″ nose x 18 1/4″ tail widths
It’s great when board builders are in the zone, we all benefit.
Roger Hinds Pathfinder model with 2″ center balsa stringer and duel cedar stringers.
This is a stock board at Surrrfy Surrrfy.


Roger Hinds Shelby Model

Good stuff from two super awesome Surfy people:
 Epic surfboard builder Roger Hinds moved into his new factory last week and is all systems go for his specialty 100% start to finish surfboards.
Shelby is our new Surfy Surfy Art Director, look for new and groovy things from here via Surfy Surfy over the next few weeks.
You can order the Shelby/Surfy/Hinds model custom.
Turnaround in less than 30 days.
Inquire at

Roger HInds Thing 2

Stock at Surfy Surfy Surf Shop:
Roger Hinds Thing 2 model.
6’2″ x 21″ x 2 3/4′
16 3/4″ nose & 16 3/4″ tail. 
Featuring  21st century swallowtail.
Shape, glass, sand all by Roger at his shop in Seal Beach, California.
5 Futures boxes. Resin tint, deck patch, matte finish.
Board includes 5 Futures fins set (plastic).
Nice logo by Tyler Warren.
Ideal for those who want to shred good to sub par surf 300 days a year.

Roger Hinds Thing

The Roger Hinds THING model.

FCS Fusion boxes with controversial 5th center box,

unless you ride thrusters, then it’s a controversial quad option

Shown here with our fiberglass TFAD quad set.

Thingy Thingy

Roger also owns the Bear label, so he slipped this mini logo on there.

Roger shapes, glasses, sands all his surfboards himself 100%s start to finish.

Roger’s groovy logo was hand drawn by Tyler Warren.

5’8 x 22″ x 2 1/2″ 


5’8″ Roger Hinds THING available via the Surfy Surfy online store: clicky clicky 
 Also available, 6’0″ THING: clicky clicky

Roger Hinds Surfboards now available at Surfy

Roger Hinds is well respected in the surfboard industry.
Incredibly he shapes, glasses, sands, glosses and polishes are his board 100% start to finish!
Cruise by our shop in Leucadia, CA sometime and check out Roger’s boards.
He brought a nice selection of longboards, mid-lengths and stubs (not all boards are photographed yet).
We are stoked to be stocking Roger’s boards.
He also has the Country Surfboards and Bear label so we can get you those if you want one.