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1990’s GH

This is Dr. Bob’s GH from the early 1990’s. We have it at the shop because Dr. Bob is getting a new version of this board, inspired by this one.
This is an early slimmed down low volume board, on the cutting edge of contemporary 1990’s momentum surfing. Note the glass-on fins signaling pre-FCS dominance.
The Moonlight logo is huge as the big 80’s influence still lingers, but it’s clean and simple and not neon green or pink so that is good. This is a refreshed GH logo with more organic lines as opposed to the original GH logo on this Astro-Egg. The super pulled in pointy nose is classic 90’s for more critical surfing in the lip.
These big leash cups are no longer used, although I liked them because they were easy to feed the string through.
This board is extra snazzy because it has a Bonzer bottom. There was a time in the 90’s when Bonzer bottoms on thrusters had a big push. The Campbell Brothers have a nice page dedicated to that movement on their website. Read 1990 Back to the Future
By the way, Dr. Bob is a second generation dentist operating out of Solana Beach, Ca. His mom and dad were my family dentist my entire life, and now Dr. Bob is carrying the torch and is our family dentist. Need a checkup by a trusted professional, family man and fellow surfer? Visit