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Shape and Fins

California Quad: 5’11” x 19 1/8″ x 2 1/4″

This surfboard was shaped by Marlin Bacon. Marlin is a good shaper. He likes to make performance shortboards because he himself surfs good. He also made the fins. They are bamboo which are light and strong and have performance flex characteristics. Marlin’s fin company is called 101 Fin Co. He doesn’t promote his surfboard label at all. He is more of a behind the scenes kind of industry guy. We here at Surfy Surfy are big Marlin Bacon fans and encourage you all to ride his boards and fins. Thank you.


First Board from the Second Sakal

Surfy Surfy is stoked to announce that we are now working with second generation surfer/shaper Ryan Sakal. Son of old school shaper Ed Sakal from Huntington Beach, Ryan recently relocated to Cardiff-by-the-sea. 32 year old Ryan is a good surfer (he rips) with a humble demeanor and is a talented shaper. His clean and functional shapes caught my eye about a year ago.

The Sakals have their own glass-shop and surf shop in Huntington but this board was glassed at my family factory, Moonlight Glassing.

The featured board here is called The Seed, it’s a wider template for dealing with flat spots and has a crisp clean performance rail. Ryan even did the artwork on this board (hotcoat pinline by my dad Peter St Pierre). This board comes with the high end Futures Black Stix fins because Ryan wants you to have the good stuff under your feet. After all, it’s his family name on the board.
Support the next generation of surfboard craftsmen and come check out Ryan’s boards at Surfy Surfy Surf Shop in Leucadia, California!
*Ed Sakal is one of the featured shapers at Billabong’s The Art of Shaping event at ASR next weekend. Click here for details.

Fort Knoxy Knoxy

This one is for all the friends of Surfy Surfy who dig the blog and like the new shop but still aren’t convinced to ride anything but 3 fins. The Taylor Knox model from Channel Islands is a Surfy Surfy approved. It features a modified deep double concave Bonzer bottom for speeding around sections and carving up the lip. The outline is sublimely perfect and the rails are crispy and delicious.
This board features the Lokbox fin system and includes Taylor’s personalized fin template.
Taylor Knox has been a good friend for over 20 years and we are stoked to stock his signature surfboard.