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Alpha Omega Twin Fin Fever!

I love my Campbell Brothers Alpha Omega Twin Fin that I got in 2011.

Check out those concaves!

The A/O is special because Malcolm puts the Light Vehicle bottom on these, a secret formula of hydrodynamics given to the Campbell Brothers by a race of aquatic aliens.

I recently had this board retrofitted with FCS plugs so I can run this little stablizer fin in it. One could argue that is a cop out, but being north of 40 it’s really helped me out with how freaking loose this thing is off the top. You can get one of these fins too: clicky

Super rad surf star Dave Rastovich just got 2 A/Os from Malcolm. Pictured is Surfy Surfy shop rat Jared picking up the boards at the factory for “Rasta” (we got J-Rad a breezy job at Billabong, a surf company that sponsors Rasta).

Expert surfer Taylor Knox recently picked up his A/O. He opted for a deep black opaque resin tint. Arthur C Clarke and Stan Kubrick approved.

Oh my, this here is an orphaned Alpha Omega Bonzer Twin Fin. It needs a home.

5’11” x 20″ x 2 9/16″
These surfboards are pretty rare. If you think you’ve got some performance twin fin skills then you should pick this thing up.
clicky clicky

See also previous post about labeled Alpha Omega: clicky clack

Ellis Ericson’s Craigslist Bonzer

If you are on Instagram you might have caught that groovy Australian surf star and second generation shaper Ellis Ericson picked up a 1990’s Campbell Brothers 5 fin Bonzer off Craigslist for $100.
6’4″ x 18 1/4″ x 2 5/8″

Ellis just released this short video of him riding it at crowded Lowers:

New Spew from Ellis Ericson on Vimeo.

He’s got the Knost flex fin in there instead of the official center Bonzer fin.

Ellis has a pretty interesting blog to look at: