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Black Beauty

This board is the first of our run of Channel Islands surfboards, a clean Tom Curren Black Beauty model.
6’3″ length x 18 3/4″ width x 2 1/2″ thickness
A lot of people don’t know this but Al Merrick is from Encinitas and went to San Dieguito high school. So we’ll file this board under the “local shaper” category.
More CI’s will be filtering in over the next 2 weeks so keep your eyes peeled for one you like.

Curren Quad at J-Bay in 1992

Surf movie mix-up, Curren rides a 6’11” quad at J-Bay notta 7’3″ thruster. Thanks Pat Cahill.
Read the manifesto that accompanies the video here.
The above clip is from the move Ultimate Sessions which is a movie that basically takes all your greatest surf movie memories and runs them through a sanitizer, bleaching away all the stoke.
I’ve known about that quad for a long time now, nobody ever believed me.
I used to geek out on the Tom Curren segments in the Search movies and freeze frame all the bottom turns and shots of Curren on the beach with his boards.
Moonlight glassed the now famous Skip Frye Fish Curren is riding for Derek Hynd.
Half the boards Curren rides at J-Bay belonged to Hynd. There are also some shots of Curren on one of Derek’s Malcolm Campbell 5 fin Bonzers.
I had all the Rip Curl Search movies on VHS but they got stolen during a huge party me and my roommates threw the summer of  1999.
I wish those movies had shown the boards better. I do like how the Thomas Campbell movies have all the boards ridden on the credits.