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Surfy Surfy 2020

February 2020 marks one year since we moved Surfy Surfy out of our brick & mortar location in Leucadia, and moved Bing Surfboards in.
You can still purchase Surfy Surfy hats & tees at Bing.
Also, working on a something with the Board Source in Carlsbad (a cool minimalist shop that buys, sells, trades used surfboards).
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Paipo Fest 2014 Sat July 19 Leucadia, CA

Wave nerds rejoice! It’s time for Paipo Fest 2014.
Get your prone attack on and trim and slide with your fellow aquatic humanoids.
Saturday July 19 7am start.
Located at Beacons Beach* in Leucadia, CA, a short walk from Surfy Surfy Surf Shop.
Bring your swims fins, Paipo, Handplane, Surf Mat or whatever else floats your butt.
*note – Be advised that Beacons has a small parking lot, is accessed by a dirt bluff trail and has no restrooms or showers.
Hosted by Furrow Surfcraft. WHOMP! Handplanes, Enjoy Handplanes, Brownfish Handplanes, Jon Wegener, the Paipo Society, Liquid Salt,  Leucadia United Bodysurfing Club and all the serving trays we stole from the local taco shops. 

Surfy Surfy is Open Open

Surfy Surfy Surf Shop is OPEN. 974 N Coast Hwy 101 Leucadia, California.
Our new functional surfboard OPEN sign was shaped by Mike Slingerland.
Resin tint by Gary Stuber. Lettering by Peter St Pierre.
The letters are under the gloss coat.
Yes, we are going to ride it when we are closed.
Also, nice to see our guerrilla gardening California Poppies finally started blooming after the early March rain.
Come visit downtown Leucadia, grab a cup of coffee and check out some new surfboards.
Internet amigos are always welcome in the brick & mortar!