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This surfboard is a 7’6″ Campbell Bros 5 fin Bonzer e-wing egg:

7’6″ x 21 1/2″ x 2 3/4″
Campbell Brothers 5 fin Bonzer e-wing egg.
Shaped by Malcolm Campbell.
Airbrush, pinline. 5/4 oz glass job with extra back foot patch.
Wetsanded gloss finish.
FCS Fusion system for the 5 fin Bonzer system. 7″ True Ames Bonzer center fin.
All fins included with this board.
We call this the real speed egg.
Bonzer concaves and fins mean down the line projection. The elevated wing makes the 7’6″ surf like a 7’0″.
This board is available via our online store or in person at Surfy Surfy Surf Shop in Leucadia, California.
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6’2″ Bonzer5 Stubbie

6’2″ x 20 3/4″ x 2 5/8″
Shaped by Malcolm Campbell.
Stubbie model 5 fin Bonzer.
Built solid at Moonlight Glassing in California with 1st quality materials.
5/4oz deck with back foot patch. 5oz bottom resin tint. Pinline deck. Wetsand gloss finish (sealed with gloss coat but not buffed shiny). FCS Fusion system for the siderunners.
The Stubbie Bonzer 5 fin has great paddle and flow. Smooth days ahead when you own a Bonzer Stubbie.
This board includes all 5 Bonzer fins in black Hexcore from True Ames ($140.00 value).
Direct link to this board on our online store: clicky 
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Bonzer5 Stubbie

6’0″ x 20 5/8″ x 2 1/2″
The 5 fin Bonzer Surfy Stubbie is inspired by a board that shaper Mani Caro ordered from Malcolm Campbell last Fall.
Mani shapes super nice Stubbies and has made them in quads, single fins and even Bonzers.
(see the Swallowtail Society Tumblr blog)
I rode Mani’s Malcolm Stubbie on a really good day earlier this year and it got me stoked.
Really good speed and flow, it went great in the lip backside in head high surf.
Since then we’ve been filtering a few stock Bonzer Stubbies into the shop.
This 6’0″ is pretty sweet. Nice and light for the volume. 4oz volan deck patches have become standard for us. Wetsanded gloss, no color.  Note the nose thickness (see photo 5).
We did this one with FCS because it seems like the versatile kind of board you’d want to slip into your travel bag.
I would ride the 7″ fin for that tail.
It’s available via our online store if you want it, price includes all 5 fins: clicky

Cosmic Rainbow Quad Fish

6’0″ Rainbow Speedialer

5’10” Rainbow Speedialer

5’8″ Rainbow Speedialer

Surfy Surfy has a new batch of Rainbow Surfboards.
Shaped from the original scan off Rich Pavel’s famous Speedialer quad fish (known as the “Quan” under the Rainbow label). Pre-cuts finished off by Steve Clark.
1st quality glassing and materials by Moonlight Glassing.
Nice and light 4oz s-cloth/4oz volan combo decks. Radical airbrushes framed by tight pinlines by Peter St Pierre.
FCS Fusion fin system (we are using custom FCS quad sets by Jack Jensen in ours).
Gloss and polish!
New Fish in stock online

Fish, or Octafish?

New in stock: 5’10” Campbell Bros Bonzer5 Octafish
5’10” x 20 3/4″ x 2 1/2″
The Octafish is notta Fish. Powered by the 5 fin Bonzer system the Octafish likes to get vertical and shreddy and isn’t afraid of hollow sections.
Plant your back foot in line with the elevated wing, putting you right above the fin cluster and concaves and off you go.
You can do some spray watchin’ like our filmmaker friend Mark Jeremias.
This board is available via our online store: clicky clicky 

The sacred angle is built into the fin.