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Surfy Surfy inside the Circle of Doom

Surfy Surfy Surf Shop located in Leucadia, California is within the 50 mile evacuation zone in the case that the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant would ever suffer a meltdown. San Onofre is famous for having a classic family friendly surf spot and is close to the world famous spot Trestles. San Onofre also has the distinction of hosting the nuclear power plant with the worst safety record in America.

San Onofre in 1963. Photo by Leroy Grannis.
Other photos lifted from Surfer Mag’s online story: Sound the Alarm
See also, Hundreds Protest at San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant 1 year after Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Forbidden Zone
Surfy Surfy: Letter from Fukushima
UPDATE: San Onofre Nuclear Power Shut Down indefinitely

Minds in the Water

Minds in the Water is a new documentary film by Justin Krumb, starring groovy pro surfer dude Dave Rastovich and friends, and their mission to spread awareness of the worldwide slaughter of dolphins and whales.
The film premieres at the historic La Paloma theatre in Encinitas, California Wednesday September 21st.
Surfy Surfy Surf Shop is selling advance tickets. $15 (cash only).
*Get 20% off your purchase of any item (excludes surfboards) at Surfy Surfy when you purchase a Minds in the Water ticket).
Shop hours 9-7
Minds in Water shows at 7:00 pm and 9:15 pm.
Screening includes a raffle and Q&A with the film makers and stars Dave Rastovich and Chris Del Moro.
Scheduled west coast tour dates:
Sep 21st La Paloma, Encinitas
Sep 22nd Pepperdine University
Sep 24th Duke’s, Malibu
Sep 29th Santa Barbara, TBA
Oct 2nd San Diego Film Festival
www.mindsinthewater.comDVD available via Surfy Surfy: click here

Solar Bro: Jeremy Sherwin

Encinitas surfer and friend of Surfy Surfy, Jeremy Sherwin pictured above in 1991 with his first custom board, a team shape from Greg Sauritch and glassed at Moonlight Glassing. Jeremy saved up and paid for that board with small bills and coins.
Jeremy went on to become a professional surfer which requires doing airs like the one pictured above. After a nice career of traveling around the world surfing perfect waves he then became a surf coach and taught other groms how to do sick airs.
Now that it is year 2010 AD Jeremy has become Solar Bro. He has taken a job with Baker Electric, designing and selling residential solar systems. He writes, “A bit of perspective: In two DAYS our system produces enough electricity to power an average San Diego home for one MONTH.”

Way to be Sherwin, way to be!

Save the Waves Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Chile

Chile’s epic pointbreak region was devastated by the earthquake and tsunami.
The Save the Waves Coalition is sending relief to those remote areas.
They have partnered with Waves for Water, another aide group run by surfers who have been getting fresh drinking water to Haiti.
I’m sure everyone has already spent their last three unemployment checks on Haiti relief but if you are interested in donating to Chile visit