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Surfy Surfy Surfboards !!!

The new improved surfboard showroom at Surfy Surfy. Yew!

Christine arranging out new surfboard wall.
Gabby Gabby has 5 jobs and is a college student but she makes time to work at Surfy Surfy.

The new surfboard rack as seen from the coffee coffee patio.

Meanwhile out at the factory Skinny Dave emerges from the newly combined Christenson & Moonlight.

Peter St Pierre surveys all the longboards he must pinline. How many feet of masking tape will this require?

Modern shred machines by Chris Christenson and crew.

A Surfy Surfy custom Bonzer in the airbrush room.

Cruise down to Surfy Surfy and check out some boards!

Second Saturday: Santos Exhibit & Help little Avery Hanel

This is Avery Hanel, read her story below. 
It’s Second Saturday time in good ‘ol Funky Leucadia!
Gary Hanel, our resident guru shaper. 

Another fine art exhibit by the Santos Gallery

Hello friends of Surfy Surfy,

Saturday October 13th is our next Second Saturday event, where we stay open late, listen to live music, have refreshments and hang out.

For this Saturday we doing something a little extra special. You all know one of our premier surfboard shapers Gary Hanel. Well, his 2 year old granddaughter Avery is going through a tough time. Avery and her mom and dad, Peter and Alex Hanel are spending a lot of time at Rady’s Children Hospital in San Diego these days.

 Avery is undergoing chemotherapy and treatment for a rare and to this date, un-diagnosed bone marrow disease. Today will be her 5th bone marrow biopsy. Avery needs a blood transfusion every week.
Peter and Alex Hanel are a young married couple and have not been able to work full time jobs with having to spend many days and nights at Children’s Hospital.

So we are asking people to bring grocery and gas gift cards to Surfy Surfy to donate. For every gift card you bring with a minimum value of $15 you will receive your choice of a Surfy Surfy t-shirt or hat.*

Also happening next door to Surfy Surfy, the Santos Fine Art Gallery is having a reception for their latest artist Rod Villa. Be sure to check out his amazing work.

Ray and Ashley Orate will be behind the counter at Cafe Ipe aka “Coffee Coffee” serving up delicious coffee drinks from fresh roasted beans in house by Revolution Roasters.

*if you cannot attend in person please send gift cards to:
Surfy Surfy Surf Shop
c/o Avery Hanel
974 N Coast Hwy 101

Leucadia, CA 92024