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8’10’ Skip Frye Egg





Skip Frye doing his thing.

8’10 x 22 1/2″ x 2 3/4″
Another rare used Skip Frye hits our stock rack.
The master craftsman of glide and trim, Skip Frye has the greatest cult following of any working shaper today.
This is his iconic EGG model with 2+1 fin setup: FCS sides and center box.
Super clean shape, classic Skip EGG rails.
Full on speed machine for those seeking that certain feeling only Skip can provide in his surfboards. In nice good condition. Some minor denting here and there, it’s been ridden but not abused.
Resin tint bottom, clear deck with pinline. Gloss and Polish.
Written in pencil along stringer on the deck is A – 323
Pencil wings logo on foam bottom, classic wings logo on deck.
Has leash plug installed (original)
This board is *SOLD*

Vintage G&S Skip Frye Vee Bottom


















Rare vintage G&S Skip Frye circa 1967
Transition era V bottom. Fully restored
An artifact from the early days of the shortboard revolution, influenced by Austalian Vee bottoms
Fully intact G&S Skips are rare enough, a V bottom is unheard of
Groovy flower resin art is original.
When this board was restored the original W.A.V.E.S.E.T box was removed and a new Bahne box was installed.


Resurrection Skip Frye















A local customer scored this 1970’s Skip Frye single fin at a garage sale. It was pretty beat so we sent it to Randy for a patch job on the open dings and a new hot coat and gloss coat.
The old repairs with abalone and sea shells are a nice touch.
I like restorations that show the original patina and tell the history of the board.
This one survived decades without getting a leash plug installed which is amazing.
This one will ride again.