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Resurrection Skip Frye

A local customer scored this 1970’s Skip Frye single fin at a garage sale. It was pretty beat so we sent it to Randy for a patch job on the open dings and a new hot coat and gloss coat.
The old repairs with abalone and sea shells are a nice touch.
I like restorations that show the original patina and tell the history of the board.
This one survived decades without getting a leash plug installed which is amazing.
This one will ride again.
Maybe there will be some good scores at our Used Board Swap Saturday October 12th

Skip Frye Falsa Balsa Egg

7’0″ Skip Frye egg.
“Falsa Balsa” airbrush, so it looks like you a shredding a solid wood board from afar. Sneaky!
Snazzy red glass-on tri-fin.
A sophisticated bottom concave system that is impossible to photograph and display on the internets.
Classic Skip rails for technical carving and trimming.

7’0″ x 21″ x 2 7/8″
This near mint condition used board is for sale at Surfy Surfy Surf Shop.
Tiny little superficial crack on left fin. Small scuff on top of the right fin. Itty bitty chip on tail (all visible in photo #3)
Skip says he used a Clark Foam blank for this board.
Shaped and glassed custom in 2011 and being sold by original owner for $2k.