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Future is Now 2012 Bonzer5 fin Shortboard

Performance shortboard 5 fin Bonzer shaped by Malcolm Campbell, custom for Scott Campbell, no relation.
4 oz s-cloth/volan combo resin tint by Gary Stuber.
FCS Fusion system for easy breezy travel.
Gloss and polish.
The year is 2012. 40 years of R&D by the Campbell Brothers. 33 years of high quality craftsmanship from Moonlight Glassing.
I believe the technical term for this board is “sick”.

Case Study Surfboard #2: 5’11” Chile Bonzer Replica

Shaped in 2009 by Malcolm Campbell for Justin Phillips. This board is a replica of what is now known as the Chile Bonzer, a board shaped for Rob Machado in 2004. Rob took it on a trip to Chile in 2005 and some cool footage of Rob smoothly surfing nice back lit waves began to circulate on the Internet (see video clip below).

5’11” x 19″ x 2 1/2″


The Chile Bonzer is kind of a hybrid of the Shelter model and the Mini-Merk model. Interestingly we have never made this board as a production model despite that almost everyone who borrows it orders one.


The beak nose allows for more foam, this bucks the trend of standard performance shortboards which have had thin low volume noses since the early 90’s. I personally prefer my shortboards to have this beak nose, better paddle and a more balanced feeling surfboard in my opinion.


Currently running it with a True Ames 6″ Bonzer fin.


Justin rode it mostly with a 7″ Rusty fin by Rainbow Fin Co.


Bamboo Bonzer siderunners by Marlin Bacon of 101 Fin Co. Bamboo fins are light and classy looking. The bead does require a little maintenance from time to time from nicking rocks.  The rear foreground fin needs a dab of Solarez.


The iconic “TV Heads” Campbell Brothers logo and the classy Moonlight Glassing logo.


Justin Phillips on this board late evening winter Swami’s.


Frame grab Rob Machado highlining in Chile.
Machado’s Chile Bonzer had a full resin tint. Rob had generously left this board at Moonlight and  I used to ride this board all the time until he showed a few months ago and finally grabbed it back.
The most tubed man on the planet, Jon Roseman also has a replica of the Machado Chile Bonzer. Jon rides his in Fiji. Photo courtesy of the Frog Master.
4 oz s-cloth w/airbrush


Ando & Friends “Birdfish” sticker. Andy Davis is a local artist/bro. His company Ando & Friends may be defunct but this sticker lives on. Andy currently has a line with Billabong.


Resin leash loops are rad.


This board always seems to have various incarnations of Franken Pads (different traction pads cobbled together).


Justin’s Chile Bonzer as it is today, in the hands of Surfy Surfy and needing an oil change, but water tight and still shreddy.

Footage of Rob Machado surfing his “Chile Bonzer”. Video courtesy of the Campbell Bros. Filmed by Cyrus Sutton.