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We gots Pavels

Moonlight has 7 surfboards shaped by Rich Pavel in stock.
5’7″ twin keel (bamboo glass-ons)
There are three 5’8″ Creekfish w/Lokbox
A 5’8″ Creekfish with glass-on fins by John Cherry
5’10” Speedialer with glass-on fins by John Cherry
6’4″ Creekfish w/Lokbox
All boards glassed with 5oz and 4oz s-cloth combos, resin tints and gloss and polish.


We Got Fins and Stuff!

My neighbor Phil donated this nice big metal display case to the Moonlight Glassing showroom.

We are going to use it for stocking center box fins by Rainbow Fin Co and lots of hard to find fin sets for the Lokbox fin system. We will be stocking surf accessories by Destination Surf and we gots Moonlight t-shirts right now too.

For over 30 years when people picked up their new custom longboards here at the shop, they would have to go on a wild goose chase all around town trying to find a center fin they liked. No more! Finally, we are stocking all kinds of center box fins for Bonzers, longboards, single fins, Hulls, etc. We are also stocking all the cool but hard to find quad sets (i.e. Turbo Speedialers) for the Lokbox fin system, including the elusive bamboo fins by 101 Fin Co.

If you are picking up a custom board at Moonlight feel free to call or e-mail us and we will save the fin(s) you want. If we don’t have it in stock we can order it for you.

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What is in Room # 2?

1. Destination Surf boardbags (for sale)
2. Destination Surf leashes (for sale)
3. Gary Hanel quad egg, custom order for Martin (not for sale)
4. Campbell Brothers Bonzer5 egg, custom order for Martin (not for sale)
5. Used Campbell Brothers Bonzer5 (for sale, not glassed at Moonlight)
6. Rob Machado’s Campbell Brothers Bonzer5 (not for sale)
7. Moonlight’s Bonzer3 Bumblebee Demo board (for demo only, not for sale)
8. Moonlight’s Bonzer5 eggy mid-length Demo board (for demo only, not for sale)
9. Used mid-length Guy Takayama (for sale)
10. My Dad’s Wayne Lynch (not for sale)
11. Used Mike Slingerland twin keel fish (for sale)
12. My personal Gary Hanel twin keel “tiki fish” (not for sale)
13. Dustin’s skateboard (not for sale)
14. Custom surfboard stand built by John Cherry (not for sale)
15. Used Bob Harvey longboard (for sale)

See something of interest? Contact us at 760-942-3319 or e-mail