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The Surfy Spacebar by Slingerland

The Surfy Spacebar is our house version of the mini-Simms concept.
Handshaped by our local guru Mike Slingerland.
The Spacebar has foiled blended rails, single to double vee bottom, typically set as a quad.
The Spacebar is a “performance” mini-Simms and very user friendly backside.
This one is a custom for Matt who is the Corporate Program Administrator here at Surfy Surfy, Inc.

Groovy Slingerland Custom Surfyboard Thingy

This little custom handshaped by Mike Slingerland is pretty groovy.
 Resin swirls were super popular there for awhile, haven’t seen one in a few years now.
 This our mini-Simms inspired model called the Spacebar that we have Mike make for us.
 This one has one of those cool modified tail everyone gets all aggro about.
 Marine ply glass-on fins are always nice.
 Black panels are airbrushed on the hotcoat then glossed over.
 5’5″ x ? x ?

Jon Wegener’s “Gene Simmons”

Surfer/shaper/farmer Jon Wegener makes a version of the Mini-Simms called “the Gene Simmons” (ha!)
The Mini-Simmons is one of the oddest boards to sneak into our quivers.
 Dang, they are fast and fun!
Jon likes glass-on wood keels on his (single foiled for release) we like them shaped out of traditional poly foam and glassed up with classy resin tints (the pinline separates us from the animals).
It’s a win win for everybody all around.
Cruise down to Surfy Surfy, the surf shop located in deepest, darkest Leucadia, California and check out these stock Weg Simms for yourselves.
Yellow board is 5’0″ x 20 3/4″ x 2 1/2″
Orange board is 5’5″ x 21″ x 3″ 
Clear board is 5’3″ x _” x _” 
Or. for more info about obtaining one of these puppies email us at

Shabby Chic Spacebars

The Surfy Surfy house version of the Mini-Simms are called the Spacebar, they are handshaped by our resident guru Mike Slingerland.
These two are customs for friends in Japan.
These deconstructionist resin tints are the opposite of the usual crisp cutlaps and snappy pinlines we usually post.
The the rub outs on these boards are so shiny they were really hard to photograph.
Great job Moonlight Glassing crew for the professional “shabby chic” glass jobs.