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Surfy/Moonlight Fire 2007 Update

The sunrise this morning revealed clearing skies but the air was still smokey and icky.

My car was a wee bit dirty with ash this morning.

Even though the major smoke plumes were gone there was still a lot of busy emergency crews zooming around with lights and sirens.

The Moonlight plumerias surviving.

It was hot, dry and smokey today.

There was wind debris everywhere but no visible burn areas on the visible surrounding hills. Luckily the fire did not come down over the big hill like it did in 1996.

Here is a map provided by Eric and Smiley from Breaks Selection blog that shows the fire locations. The green arrow is Moonbase. Click for large view as with all Surfy Surfy images.

Nice and calm out at the shop, no wind at all.

Contrary to this crappy photo the shop had very little soot and ash. We are going to avoid starting any new laminations this week, still a lot of floating around in the air.

Hazy afternoon.

Back to Surfy Surfy business, your daily surfboard photo stoke.

The beach was nice this evening if you didn’t breathe too deep.

FYI: Moonlight’s internet service is down

Hi friends,

The fire danger around Moonlight Glassing seems to have passed and the shop is safe. However, the internet service there is down. We will checking the shop e-mail account from home later but specific questions about the production status of your boards may not answered right away.
Thanks and I will continue to update Surfy Surfy as long as my home online service continues to function.

JonMichael slept thru all the excitement.