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Surfer Mag Dot Com online editor Scott Bass surfing his new 6’2″ DK Swordfish (with bamboo fins by 101 Fin Co. )
Surf photo by Tom English.
Bassy’s board is 6’2″ length x 20 1/8″ width x 2 11/16″ thickness. 5/4 glassing, airbrushed, polished gloss.
Bassy is the mastermind behind Sacred Craft, and he is the host of a surf talk radio show on Sunday mornings called Down the Line.

6’0″ DK Swordfish in stock at Moonlight, click here.

“Get Your Stoke On” DK Quad Fish

This is my new 5’8″ “swordfish” quad shaped by DJ Kane. It has a teardrop panel filled with my surfy doodle cartoons. Not all the doodles are shown because most of the shots I took were out of focus because after 3 years of doing this blog I still have not figured out how to operate a digital camera correctly. I will post the rest this week.

One cartoon proved to be controversial and I kinda regret doing it now, The Infamous Passive/Aggressive: How to Order a Surfboard Doodle.

There is a 5’9″ DK Swordfish quad for sale in the showroom that has my art on it, click here.

This board goes really well, I like it in beachbreaks best so far. You can attack the lip and surf aggro if you want which is kind of fun to do a Fish. I’m playing with some different fins now and will report back with the results.