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Cool old Cheyne Horan Surfboard








Check out this cool old Cheyne Horan surfboard we have in the shop right now.
Our bro Oly bought it from Cheyne in a parking lot in Australia like 25 years ago.
Complete with the infamous Star Fin (or Winged Keel).

*note that Oly rode this board with the fin in backwards. The flat end is the front, see correct placement in photo no. 4 and the photo of Horan below.
Groovy logos!
It’s 5’11”
I think Oly will consider selling it if you gotta have it. 11


Vintage G&S Skip Frye Vee Bottom

Rare vintage G&S Skip Frye circa 1967
Transition era V bottom. Fully restored
An artifact from the early days of the shortboard revolution, influenced by Austalian Vee bottoms
Fully intact G&S Skips are rare enough, a V bottom is unheard of
Groovy flower resin art is original.
When this board was restored the original W.A.V.E.S.E.T box was removed and a new Bahne box was installed. If desired, we can install a WAVESET box for a fee. We even have an original Greenough fin for it, both provided by Jim “the Genius” Phillips.
As-is price is firm at $2725. We’ve seen this era of Skip Frye surfboard fetch $5k+ at auctions so no haggling.
We can ship this surfboard. Freight fee will vary on your location. In house packing fee of $75

Available via our online store: clicky clicky

Call the shop at 760-452-7687 or email

30 year old Wayne Lynch Rip Curl Moonlight Surfboard shaped by Dan Van Zanten

I couldn’t resist and bought this old thruster off Craigslist for $40 bucks.
Built in the early days of Moonlight Glassing.
Airbrush by Peter St Pierre.
Freestyle center box which was pretty standard back then.
Side fins were made by Greg Mungall.
Moonlight made a lot of surfboards for Rip Curl with Wayne Lynch designs which were shaped by Bill Shrosbree, Gary Hanel and Dan Van Zanten of Penguin Surfboards.
5’8″ x wide x chunky