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1972 David Nuuhiwa

Our trippy neighbor Dan has a thing for cool old boards from the 70’s. He brought down this David Nuuhiwa single fin the other day. 

Triple red paper stringer glue up. Classic dolphin stencil airbrush. 

Dolphin stencil detail. 

The nose is a little beat. 

The now iconic David Nuuhiwa eagle logo. 

It’s always good when vintage boards have original fins. Note the old janky way of attaching early leashes. 

It’s had it’s lumps of the past 40 years but it’s watertight. In fact, Dan rode it the other night. 

Amazingly this board survived having a leash cup installed. Nice outline too. 

This board was a Christmas gift! It reads, Merry Christmas David. Love Daddy, Fran  & Mayarie 1972 

Dan has put this board up for sale SOLD at Surfy Surfy Surf Shop. It has lots of patina, has a soft spot on the deck. A little TLC and it’s good to go. Here is a clip of David Nuuhiwa from the 1972 film Rainbow Bridge,

Tim Orr’s Refurb 70’s Sunset

From the inbox,

 Aloha Thursday JP, Howzit!
 Here’s a follow up on the Sunset board that I am finishing up on today. I did an acid splash resin job on the bottom to hide the dings. The topside will be painted on the inside of the cutlaps with black chalkboard paint …it is to be used as signage for a shop up at the 4 Seasons here in Kona. I just thought you guys might dig seeing it…I thought your Dad might like the Sunset splash job. The board was trashed…now it’s functional art.
 Take care, peace & aloha from Big Island,
 Tim Orr Pure Life Surfboards Hawaii