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SIMA nominates non-surfboard as Surfboard of the Year

SIMA, the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association, is a shadowy organization of shadowy men in a dark room who seem to exert some sort of influence on the surf industry, even though nobody really knows why or how.
SIMA in their mighty wisdom have announced that they have nominated an inflatable stand up paddle board as the Surfboard of the Year. source
Surfy Surfy rejects SIMA’s nomination and we declare that the handcrafted Brownfish Handplane is the real Surfboard of the Year.
Is the handplane a surfboard? More so than the SIMA rubber ducky raft we say!
So there!
Nick M. getting slotted on his handplane.

The Janitor

From my bro Rob Willis: “The Hobie crew and I go down to the Dana Point Harbor at lunch whenever we can and paddle for fun and exercise. Whenever I go on my own I am bored and bummed with all the debris, especially plastic bottles/tennis balls/balloons, etc. that accumulates along the jetties. After seeing Skip Frye pick up trash in the movie One California Day, I thought, why not try and pick some up too? So I fashioned a shrimp net into a trailer for the SUP. The benefits became two fold, I can get a great resistance work out and leave the Harbor a little cleaner than I found it.”

The weirdest thing Rob has seen in the water, “One day I was paddling with Casey Walsh and we came across a partially submerged lawn chair. Casey pulled it out and being a good Hawaiian waterman, sat down and paddled the rest of the way in his new chair.”

Rob has made a couple of these trash nets for others so if you are a SUP person who wants to make a clean sweep shoot him an e-mail at