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The Brownfish Bodysurfing Handplane

Great bodysurfing shot by Jason Kenworthy via the ESPN surf blog.

Surfy Surfy Team Rider Gary Murphy has been handcrafting these super cool bodysurfing handplanes for awhile now. He has them totally dialed, featuring a really sweet adjustable strap. They are handshaped out of Paulownia wood which is super light and floaty (it’s what they make Alaia’s out of).
Bodysurfing has grown in recent popularity which is a good thing. It gets in the water everyday, gets you tuned in with the ocean and gets you heaps ‘o barrels.
The trick thing about these handplanes is that you can actually bodysurf mushy waves with them (which is more fun than it sounds).
For more handplane stuff visit the Handplane Goodness blog.
Brownfish Handplanes are now for sale on the Surfy Surfy online store.

SIMA nominates non-surfboard as Surfboard of the Year

SIMA, the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association, is a shadowy organization of shadowy men in a dark room who seem to exert some sort of influence on the surf industry, even though nobody really knows why or how.
SIMA in their mighty wisdom have announced that they have nominated an inflatable stand up paddle board as the Surfboard of the Year. source
Surfy Surfy rejects SIMA’s nomination and we declare that the handcrafted Brownfish Handplane is the real Surfboard of the Year.
Is the handplane a surfboard? More so than the SIMA rubber ducky raft we say!
So there!
Nick M. getting slotted on his handplane.

The Handplane World Project

The Brownfish Handplane is a nifty little handmade device for bodysurfing shaped from paulownia wood. They have a nice comfy handle too. Crafty!
Daily surf blogger Jason Hall with a Brownfish Handplane.
Jason bodysurfing at the Wedge with a Brownfish Handplane.

From Jason Hall of the Daily Bread blog, “Global project in the works and need some help. I’m looking for surfers across the world, preferably near an ocean that can assist in a project that I’m working on with Brownfish Handplanes. Hoping to touch all continents for this project.

The idea is to send a Brownfish Handplane around the world to demo for a couple weeks at each location, sign the handplane, and forward to the next location. Very similar to the Singlefin Yellow project done years ago.

There might be a GoPro mount and camera that will be traveling with the handplane to document it’s travels, but that’s still in the works.

Email me at if you or anyone that you may know might be interested.”
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