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Surfy Surfy in Slide Magazine #14

The New Zealand surf periodical, Slide Magazine is now available in the USA.

The new editor Ryan Smith convinced me to write an article about the AB3 and Fish Fry events over the last few years.

The auto focus on my digital camera is dying so you can’t read the article off the photo. It doesn’t matter anyway because I wrote the article at 3 o’clock in the morning so it’s full of factual errors and rumors and lies.

This issue of Slide is also noteworthy because it features my very first Surfy Surfy print ad ever.

As soon as this puppy hits the newstands I’m just going to sit back and watch my hit counter go up and up.
Attend the Slide Magazine USA launch party October 10th! (Sacred Craft weekend)
What: SLIDE Magazine’s U.S. Launch Party
Where: Surfindian – 4658 Mission Blvd., Pacific Beach, CA 92109,
(858) 412-5334,
When: Saturday, October 10th, 7-10p
Why: Help us celebrate the long-awaited United States launch of SLIDE Magazine, after 7 years of publishing for international markets in New Zealand and Australia.
Special Note: For the first time ever, the complete “Team SLIDE” will be together for such a gathering. Publisher Alan Ashworth, from New Zealand, and Editor Ryan A. Smith, currently residing in Ojai, CA, will both be in the house. John Slavin and Ron Greene, SLIDE’s newest Senior Photographers, will be on hand, as well.
Food: Taco Surf to provide a taco bar. Water & soft drinks available
Raffle Tickets: Each person will receive one (1) raffle ticket upon entry. Plus, those who purchase a SLIDE Magazine @ Surfindian will receive two (2) additional tickets. (**Raffle winners must be present to collect prizes.)