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Gadzooks, it’s the Dead Kooks

Eden Saul from Australia, in California
Eden Saul shaping. 
Dead Kook stock for Surfy Surfy

9’5″ Nausua model 

Dead Kooks from Cameron Peters on Vimeo.

The Girl Next Door from Macauley Rae on Vimeo.

Dead Kook, Good Kook t-shirt

The Dead Kooks crew from Australia has been hanging out in southern California lately.
Led by surfer/shaper Eden Saul, who has been using the new guest shaping room at the Moonlight/Christenson factory.
Eden and his team are good surfers and fun people with positive attitudes towards life and surfing. We are stoked to be stocking Dead Kooks surfboards and tee’s at Surfy Surfy.
Dead Kooks Dot Com

Ed Wright Surfboards

We had local legend Ed Wright shape us up three nice longboards.
Ed founded Sunset Surfboards Surf Shop in Encinitas back in the 1960’s which served as the inspiration for Surfy Surfy.
Ed used the US Blanks Y Red with dual 1/8″ flared stringers.
Not nose riders, Ed designed these to trim and glide and power down the line. 2+1 setup. I saw him surfing his well and knew it was something we should stock in the shop.
Resin tint bottoms, All glassing, sanding, pinlines and gloss and polish by the original Sunset factory crew which became Moonlight Glassing in 1979.
 9’2″, 9’4″, 9’6″
 (more photos and dims to be updated soon)

6’2″ Bonzer5 Stubbie

6’2″ x 20 3/4″ x 2 5/8″
Shaped by Malcolm Campbell.
Stubbie model 5 fin Bonzer.
Built solid at Moonlight Glassing in California with 1st quality materials.
5/4oz deck with back foot patch. 5oz bottom resin tint. Pinline deck. Wetsand gloss finish (sealed with gloss coat but not buffed shiny). FCS Fusion system for the siderunners.
The Stubbie Bonzer 5 fin has great paddle and flow. Smooth days ahead when you own a Bonzer Stubbie.
This board includes all 5 Bonzer fins in black Hexcore from True Ames ($140.00 value).
Direct link to this board on our online store: clicky 
Bonzer “TV Heads” logo premium t-shirt: clicky

The Campbell Brothers 5 fin Bonzer Octafish

6’2 X 21″ X 2 3/4″
Shaped by Malcolm Campbell for Surfy Surfy
Airbrush bottom by Peter St Pierre
Black resin tint (yes, black) deck and rails by Gary Stuber.
FCS Fusion Bonzer system. Side runners and center Bonzer fins are lightweight Hexcores by True Ames.
Gloss and polish.
Malcolm and Duncan sez,
The Octafish is “Not a Fish”. It looks a little like a fish but has a much wider range of performance. We have incorporated Max McDonald’s ‘elevated wing’ in this model. The wing enables the Octafish to get up and down the face of the wave more quickly and easily than a traditional fish. Powered by the Bonzer 5 fin system, this board works equally well frontside or backside and has a great all-around small to medium wave performance.
Available via the Surfy Surfy online store