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9’2″ Slingerland Longboard

9’2″ x 22 3/4″ x 3″ 
This is such a sweet longboard, I wish you guys could reach through your screen and feel it up.
Handshaped by our local guru Mike Slingerland (the best kept secret in longboard shaping).
T-Band stringer, color inlay deck, snappy red pinline, FCS Fusion side boxes shown here with the Surfy Sidebites by Jack Jensen. I think that 7.5″ True Ames Skip Frye fin looks pretty good in there too.
Easy going rails and a little nose concave. Roundpin 2+1 (nice vee ahead of the fin cluster) means you aren’t going to slip loose in the pocket and embarrass yourself in front of your friends.
It’s nice when a longboard has that combination of loose and hold.
Really, really nice.
*update: now available via our online store, clicky

6’4″ Sunset Surfboards Classic Single Fin Replica w/Microgrooves

6’4″ x 20 1/2″ x 2 7/8″
We commissioned Brian Fredrickson of Sunset Surfboards to shape us a few replicas of the classic Sunset single fins of the 1970’s.
Sunset Surfboards was located on the coast highway in dowtown Encinitas from the late 1960’s to the early 1990’s.
Sunset was founded by Ed Wright who later passed the torch to his protege Brian Fredrickson.
The Moonlight Glassing surfboard factory crew began in the downstairs section of Sunset Surf Shop. When Sunset expanded it’s retail space in 1979, Moonlight Glassing moved to an industrial park 7 miles inland where it’s been every since.
Surfy Surfy Surf Shop is based off my early fond memories of hanging at Sunset when I was a little kid, later working there in the back alley doing ding repair as a teenager and bugging the sales girls at the front counter.
This 6’4″ is off an original template, the rocker and rails cleaned up for 2013.
This shape will be available in 6’0″, 6’2″, 6’4″ and 6’6″ with similar airbrush designs.
This board also features the rare and amazing microgrooves.
*this board is SOLD, thanks! 

5’10” 3 fin Bonzer “Bumblebee”

New in stock: 5’10” x 20 7/8″ x 2 9/16″
Shaped by Malcolm Campbell and built at Moonlight Glassing
4 oz s-cloth/volan combo. Airbrush, pinline, gloss and polish.
The Bumblebee has the paddle and flow of a traditional 70’s template powered with the original three fin Bonzer system for a higher level of surfing.
An essential part of the serious surfer’s quiver.
*this board is SOLD, thanks!