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Caster Wing Pin Channel Bottom

5’8″ old school style Caster surfboard, handshaped by Bill Caster’s brother-in-law Hank Warner.
Airbrushed and pinlined by Peter St Pierre. Glassed by Gary Stuber. Hotcoat and fin installation by Dave Kerr. Sanded by Kenny Mann. Q.C by Travis Harder. Glossed by Mark Donellon. Polished by Elliot Reinecke. Lokbox fins and fin system. Polyurethane foam and polyester resin, the way surfboards are meant to be.
Special thanks to Dave, Heidi, Heather and Daniel Caster for including Surfy Surfy in Caster Surfboards.

5’10” Caster Lip Smacker

This 5’10” Caster wing pin channel thruster is made for good ‘ol fashioned lip bashing. Built with volume to float a full sized adult, this old school shredder wants to drive around the section and punch the lip right where it counts.
Remember when RK beat Curren on his his channel bottom Caster? And then Curren finally got hip 15 years later and rode that Fireball channel bottom in a surf movie and started the whole retro fish movement? You’ve come along way baby.
Handshaped by uncle Hank Warner using Bill Caster’s original templates and notes.
Modernized rocker and fin boxes. Built with 1st quality materials at Moonlight Glassing. Caster family approved.
This board is available down at Surfy Surfy Surf Shop in downtown funky Leucadia, California.
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Caster Wing Pin!

Now here is one fine looking surfboard. 6’0″ Caster wing pin, an outline from the single fin era presented here as a modern multi-fin board. Featuring the new Lokbox micro-box and bottom channels for carving up the lip and driving deep through sections. This a modern surfboard, not a retro throwback head trip.
Handshaped by Uncle Hank Warner using Bill Caster’s original templates. Airbrushed in classic “Bird” colors. Built by the steady hands at Moonlight Glassing using 1st quality materials
Caster family approved!

Caster Channel Quad

Caster Surfboard #3 for Surfy Surfy. This hot little 5’10 channel quad was handshaped by uncle Hank Warner with Caster’s original templates. Glassed with precision and care at Moonlight Glassing with 1st quality materials.
These early 80’s designs by Bill Caster were cutting edge then and are cutting edge now.
Our Casters are for sale at reasonable prices, not collector’s premiums. We want them to be surfed. The Caster family receives a cut from every board sold.

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Caster 2+1 Wing Pin!

The triumphant return of the iconic Caster surfboard label heats up with this hot 6’6″ wing pin channel bottom. Shaped with a steady hand by Bill Caster’s brother-in-law Hank Warner, using Caster’s original templates. 2+1 setup with the new micro-Lokbox fin system and classic Bahne center box. Bill was a fan of fin boxes and we feel this board is definitely Caster approved. This hot rod of a surfboard is made to surf!

Built with 1st quality materials and love and care at Moonlight Glassing.

Congrats to it’s new owner Kurt who hopefully soon will be driving it through 6ft hot and glassy perfection.