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This is a Surfboard!

Handshaped by expert underground guru Gary Hanel in deepest darkest Leucadia California! Glassed with high grade 4 oz s-cloth by Gary Stuber! Hotcoat and leash plug insall by Skinny Dave Kerr! Bamboo fins handmade by Marlin Bacon! Fins glassed on by Elliot Reinecke! Professionally sanded by Kenny Mann! Pinline by Peter St Pierre! Glossed with a lightweight waterproof seal and wetsanded to a fine silky finish by Mark Donnellon!

This surfboard was made by surfers for surfers!
6’4″ x 19 1/4″ x 2 1/2″

*This board is SOLD, thanks!

Point Break Puppy

Randy Scherer in O.B. San Diego shapes smooth surfboards and lets us glass them sometimes. He sez:

9’6″ x 23″ x 3.125″

I used a Surfblanks America red foam blank with a cedar/bass/cedar t-band. The shape was inspired by Tyler’s “The Point” model, assorted Bing pintails, and a Hobie Phil Edwards model. 50/50 rails transition into a hard tail.

Marlin Bacon created a custom 9.5″ bamboo fin by taking the template from a fin I like and modifying it for a bit more drive.

The glass is 7.5 oz volan over 6 oz s-glass on the deck and 7.5 oz volan on the bottom, green resin stripes in the lam, double pin line, gloss & polish.
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