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Blue Blue Gil

6’2″ Blue Gil shaped by Jon Wegener.
Snazzy ice blue resin tint by Gary Stuber at Moonlight Glassing.
The Blue Gil is a foam and fiberglass cheater Alaia with small nubby twin fins.
These things are super fun. I rode one for the first time at the Paipo Stoke Fest last September.
It’s pretty amazing, easier to surf than you think (at least for me, frontside. Backside was a challenge). Fast, trimmy, groovy and it’s fulfilling when it breaks loose into a controlled slide and then reconnects.
This is a stock board at Surfy Surfy, come check it out.

The Wegener Blue Gil

Jon Wegener let me borrow this groovy little machine, it’s called the Blue Gil. It’s a kind of a surfboard/alaia hybrid.
 I rode it first at Glen Sakamoto’s Paipo Stoke Fest thingy last month and got intrigued.
 Rode it is this morning in small glassy surf. It’s a trip, paddling and take off are easier than I anticipated. The super hard edge really holds and it hooks into trim lickety split. I felt a little lost after that, wasn’t sure what to do so I just went straight down the line and occasionally got slidey slidey sideways.
 I tried to conjure up visions of Derek Hynd finless at J-Bay while attempting to squeeze into Leucadia micro-barrels.
Feeling pretty stoked after the experience, thanks Jon!

Here are a couple of videos of Jon riding his: