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Original Surfy Life

From the family photo album:

Stand up surfing in the soup on my Morey Boogie Board with plastic keel fins and wrist leash. 
Peter St Pierre with the first Thruster in California circa 1979/80 Shaped by Wayne Lynch. 
My sister Michelle checks out my Dad’s single fin Sunset Surfboards quiver while my Mom Sally and the family dog ‘Waggit’ look on in old Leucadia, California. My parents still live in this house! 

Resurrection Skip Frye

A local customer scored this 1970’s Skip Frye single fin at a garage sale. It was pretty beat so we sent it to Randy for a patch job on the open dings and a new hot coat and gloss coat.
The old repairs with abalone and sea shells are a nice touch.
I like restorations that show the original patina and tell the history of the board.
This one survived decades without getting a leash plug installed which is amazing.
This one will ride again.
Maybe there will be some good scores at our Used Board Swap Saturday October 12th

1970’s Light Vehicle

My friend Marty brought in this killer 1970’s Campbell Brothers Bonzer with the Light Vehicle bottom.
I love how futuristic these boards are, especially for 1977. It’s like discovering a 35 year jet pack at a garage sale and wondering why we don’t all have one now.
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Get a Campbell Brothers t-shirt with the original “Be Mindfull” pyramid logo:

Microgroove Sunset Single Fins then & now

Shown: Brian Fredrickson of Sunset Surfboards with an original 1970’s Microgroove single fin and one of the new stock boards he shaped us.
Our new Sunset Surfboards are built by the original crew,
Peter St Pierre: airbrush, pinlines and microgrooves
Gary Stuber: glass job
Kenny Mann: sander
Mark Donellon: gloss and polish
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*this one is available via our online store, clicky 

1972 David Nuuhiwa

Our trippy neighbor Dan has a thing for cool old boards from the 70’s. He brought down this David Nuuhiwa single fin the other day. 

Triple red paper stringer glue up. Classic dolphin stencil airbrush. 

Dolphin stencil detail. 

The nose is a little beat. 

The now iconic David Nuuhiwa eagle logo. 

It’s always good when vintage boards have original fins. Note the old janky way of attaching early leashes. 

It’s had it’s lumps of the past 40 years but it’s watertight. In fact, Dan rode it the other night. 

Amazingly this board survived having a leash cup installed. Nice outline too. 

This board was a Christmas gift! It reads, Merry Christmas David. Love Daddy, Fran  & Mayarie 1972 

Dan has put this board up for sale SOLD at Surfy Surfy Surf Shop. It has lots of patina, has a soft spot on the deck. A little TLC and it’s good to go. Here is a clip of David Nuuhiwa from the 1972 film Rainbow Bridge,