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Green Apprentice

7’6” Surfy Surfy Apprentice model.
The Apprentice is a refined “midlength/egg/funboard” type surfboard.
2+1 setup.
Suggested 3.25” sidebites w/6.5”-7” center fin.
The dims.
Shaped by local shaper, Todd McFarland who has years of experience doing production work for respectable labels.
The Surfy Staff of Ra logo by artist Travis Selvilla.
The Surfy Apprentice model will help you on your journey to becoming a surfy master.
Available exclusively at The Board Source in Carlsbad, CA.

90’s GH Bonzer

The late 80’s / early 90’s transition was a cool time in surfing for board design and graphics.
The Moonlight Glassing team was firing on all cylinders.
Giant logos ruled the day.
With this logo the 1979 Moonlight logo met the future primitive style of the 80’s. Usually found on longboards, this one found it’s way on this 6’6”.
When Malcolm Campbell started bringing shaped blanks to Moonlight Glassing from Oxnard, he shared the secrets of the 5 fin Bonzer with Gary Hanel who quickly adopted it.
The carbon fiber Bonzer side fins were standard in this era, little bit more rare is the glass-on center fin with lightweight foam insert by Jack Jensen.
Anyone else miss the old large size leash cups?
GH’s signature has not changed. Also, Moon Frog and Surfrider Foundation.
A little bit of ding repair and this thing can shred again.