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Kenny Mann’s Sunset Bonzer5

A gift from Forest Howell, early 90’s Sunset Surfboard by Brian Fredrickson shaped for surfboard sander, Kenny Mann.

Rare 1980’s Moonlight Glassing logo with 70’s Sunset logo.

Brian would often shape boards in one of the Moonlight Glassing shaping rooms and the entire factory crew rode his boards.

Brian made great versions of the Campbell Brothers 5 fin Bonzer design. This one has all 5 glass-on fins.

The infamous “Moon Frog” logo appears on thousands of surfboards.

In 1990 boards like this looked like spaceships compared to everything else.

Kenny loved the inside section at Swami’s in Encinitas and almost surfed there exclusively.


As a founding member of the original 1979 Moonlight Glassing crew Kenny Mann sanded thousands and thousands of surfboards in his career. Tragically, Kenny died night surfing Swami’s in 2015.

Kenny started out sanding at Sunset Surfboards in Encinitas, down the block from Swami’s. Here he is in his Moonlight sanding room in 1979/80.

The Longboard Grotto

The Longboard Grotto in Leucadia, CA

The Grotto was owned by Sam Ryan and enjoyed a solid 20 year run.

The original 1926 facade added to the quirky nature of the Grotto.

Grotto interior

The Grotto specialized in surfy style memorabilia and empherma.

Before the internet the coast highway strip of Leucadia was host to multiple eclectic antique shops and a flea market. The Grotto added surf and skate to that experience.

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Surf Queens pinball.

The infamous Grotto guardian would move around the store often and frighten unsuspecting shoppers.

There is an urban myth that the city of Encinitas somehow forced the Grotto out of town. The truth is that Grotto owner Sam Ryan owned the building and sold it in 2008.